History of chocolate starts in 19th century, but its story dates back to earlier times. In 16th century, Spanish explorers, Christopher Colombus and Hernán Cortés return from their visit to Central America in along with a drink. This was a drink made by Mayan people and Aztecs by mixing milled cocoa beans with water. Aztecs used to drink this cold beverage called "Xocolatl" which means "sour, bitter drink" in Aztec language by adding pepper and other spices in it. Spanish people started drinking the same beverage by adding sugar in it.

Maintaining its mystery for almost 100 years, chocolate could only spread to France and to other European countries in 17th century. The reason of this slow spread was that it was a highly expensive drink which was only consumed by elite people.

In 1700s, English people modified its taste by adding milk into it.

The method of making soft, sweet and eatable chocolate was discovered in the middle of 19th century. In 1876, Swiss people made milky chocolate of today by mixing milk and sugar with chocolate.

History of chocolate
starts at 19th century,
but the story
goes a long way
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