As Human Resources Directorship, in order to organize happy working mediums, at selection and placement processes we follow a very neat recruitment process, making efficiency-based interviews with the candidates having the required knowledge and skill for the position who are suitable for the corporate culture.

Depending on the requirements of the position, we apply English proficiency tests, personality tests, general ability tests and group interviews at recruitment processes.

Following Human Resources Interview, the candidates are subjected to Department Interviews and placed to the most suitable position in line with their skills and experience.
A continuous change is in question within the dynamic structure of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Therefore, all Sanovel employees are supported with both individual and position-oriented up-to-date trainings  and programs in order for the organization to develop, and have a learning structure.

While determining individual and positional needs, the competences prescribed by the corporation are based and such competences set the roof of the trainings. 

The trainings are mainly provided by our experienced training team and extra support is claimed from outside the company, if necessary.

Our training activities are listed under four main topics:

• Trainings for self-improvement
• Sales-marketing trainings
• Trainings aimed at developing managerial skills
• Individual and team coaching programs

Our Performance System comprises all procedures conducted relating directing employees towards corporate targets taking such targets to their levels; watching and evaluating their performance; and determining their developmental needs.

Our objective is to;
• Direct our employees towards their individual targets in line with corporate targets and aims,
• Clarify expectations relating targets and evaluate the performance displayed in accordance with such expectations,
• Contribute to develop a positive and open communication channel,
• Make roles and responsibilities assigned easier to understand,
• Set infrastructure for feedback and directing and supporting employees' development,
• Support motivation and continual development.

Within the body of our company, competences laying a difference with personal performance and work results are determined for each position. In order for the employees to meet and develop competences expected from their positions, competences are periodically measured and competency development plans are made.

Following are all the basic competencies expected from any position within the company:

Will to Succeed
Quality Orientation
Customer Orientation
Organizational Commitment

We contribute to the development of our employees by promoting those who succeed in reaching the goals determined for themselves, continually develop their competencies and skills, contribute to their work, and those who reach outstanding results and actions. We provide our employees with different career paths through promotion and position changes.

We employ Evaluation and Development Center applications with a view to determine our employees' developmental areas and strong sides at their current position, or to assess their availability for different positions.

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