Incorporated by Toksöz Group, Sanset entered into food sector upon taking over Tadelle, Sarelle, Gol and Sagra brands from SDIF in September 2007.

Sanset's mission is to be the pioneering "healthy, quality joy" company of the world. In line with this mission, Sanset's objective is to provide its customers with the highest quality, healthy joy through the products and brands that Turkey is proud of.

Operating with high health and safety standards in manufacturing plants, Sanset performs its manufacturing activities in Ordu in the Black Sea Region, where the world's richest hazelnut gardens are located. Annual production capacity of its plants is 30,000 tons.

Sanset currently has more than 750 production, sales and marketing staff members. Extending Turkish chocolate market, which is prepared for future innovations and developments, and taking the largest share from the market in middle terms are amongst Sanset's objectives.

Sanset products do not involve trans fat, food coloring, preservatives or additives. Instead of vanilla essence obtained through chemical reactions, "nature identical" pure vanilla is used in production, and genetically-unmodified soy is preferred when purchasing soy lethicin raw material. These features are controlled in particular, and imported raw materials are purchased from such firms that meet these standards.

The hazelnut used is selected by experts while still in the garden. Then, these hazelnuts roasted with special methods are used in Sanset's products. Hazelnuts that are roasted with special roasting technique to meet Sagra hazelnut quality do not lose their taste and nutrition values. Another sensitive issue is milk powder. Specially-processed milk powder is used. 90 manufacturers out of 100 prefer using standard milk powder. However, Sanset uses the other milk powder, the taste of which is more persistent and gives better results when mixed with cacao.
Only actual chocolate is used in products.

The sugar used in our products is obtained from sugar canes. They do not contain sugars like fructose or glucose.

Five major brands Sanset focused on are Tadelle, Sarelle, Sagra, Gol, L'era Fresca, Zumosol and Pernigotti.

While Sarelle is positioned as the chocolate spread brand of conscious, researcher, careful mothers with a passion of quality, Tadelle is a product with rich hazelnut and intense chocolate which may be consumed any time during the day.

Sagra is a special chocolate which is made up by gathering high-quality hazelnut, pistachio and natural vanilla with the special cacao used as ingredient.

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