Sağra Fındık Kalitesi - 1936

Sagra started hazelnut processing in 1936 and is proud to be the first hazelnut exporter of Turkey, which promoted features and usage areas of hazelnut to the whole world. Since hazelnut is a very sensitive shelled fruit which loses its attributes easily due to its fat ingredient up to 70%, Sagra performed new research in its processing. It monitored hazelnut starting from field, and developed methods in order to prevent its inner fruit to be damaged and lose its flavour, and endure for a long period. It enabled hazelnut's hard shells to be hardened by freezing, and cracked without damaging the inner hazelnut. It distinguished very well between the definitions of undamaged and damaged hazelnut; researched which hazelnut has which flavour ingredients; and by knowing how to select the hazelnuts with particular flavour, it developed roasting methods in order to use hazelnut within a product without losing its flavour. It performed standardization of various types of hazelnuts, and determined which hazelnut would be suitable for which recipes.

In chocolate and its variant products, baked and processed hazelnut is used in various forms (nut mash, minced, halved, wholly baked and bleached hazelnut, etc.). Hazelnut fruits collected from hazelnut plant involve approximately 6% moisture. Hazelnut flavour is strengthened through baking process. Because the water ingredient of hazelnut is evaporated during baking, flavour becomes intense in fat phase. This process belongs to technological knowhow which is used in production of Tadelle and Sarelle brands.

Sagra has its own method performed during baking hazelnuts. Thanks to this method, structural damage of hazelnut during baking is prevented, and its flavour is maintained.

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