Toksöz Grup mainly operates in pharma, FMCG(chocolate, ice cream and juice),energy, baby nutrition, care products for babies-mothers, OTC products, wine cultivation and ornamental plant production , with over 3500 employees.

Sanovel Pharmaceuticals, Verano Pharmaceuticals , Sanset Food, Arven High Technology, Galenos Wholesale, Yema, Mayes Electrial Energy, Batoflora Ornamental Plant Production , Vinero Winery, and Montero Nourishment companies operate under Toksöz Group’s roof.

Toksöz Grup has improved their business operations to international standards in the areas of production, marketing, and sales. With its innovative and dynamic structure, Toksöz Group has a growing business segment and a positive reputation both in local and international markets

History of chocolate
starts at 19th century,
but the story
goes a long way
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